Blog Marketing Services

According to a kelsey group survey 65 % of internet users are also blog readers. In the past few years blog readership has evolved into a trusted and large community where consumers research, read and evaluate a product or service. Purchasing one of our blog marketing packages will help jumpstart your product or service into the engagement & conversational marketing realm.

What are some benefits of blog marketing?

* Increased pages that rank for keyword terms your company should be targeting and terms your competitors are going after.
* Helps establish your product/services as an authority in your industry.
* Produces holistic link building.
* Increases targeted readership/followers of your blog who you can continuously market to.
* Provides a platform for social media marketing.
* Increased targeted traffic to your site.
* Spreads your message, products and services across the social web.
* Your content is syndicated across multiple channels which increases your search saturation.

What blog marketing services do we offer?

* Blog Design and Implementation
* LinkBaiting
* Blog Comment Links - on relevant sites with engaging and useful comments
* WordPress Plugin Installation
* Social Account Creation and Syndication
* Social Network Account Building & Management
* Blog Content Creation Packages
* Pre-Hosted Satellite Sites – Through Squidoo, Myspace ect.
* Blog Roll Links
* Blog Banner Creations & Advertisements

Our full service blog marketing packages are proven to work. Each one of these services will help to provide value to your site and your blog. Results can be seen within 1 month after implementation of any of these services.  Also, our services are fully measureable and the bottom line to any marketing campaign is results – we are results driven. We pride ourselves on “targeted marketing”!

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