Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- We optimize your site using white hat SEO techniques to make sure that we do not play with fire and jeopardize the worthiness of your site with the search engines. We always follow the expectations and rules of the search engines. We refrain from all unethical practices that would put your website at risk of being penalized by the search engines. Some of the services that we offer include: SEO review of your entire site, benchmark reports, review of your web analytic information, valuable web metrics, social media marketing, keyword research, pay-per-click, on page and off page link building and optimization, directory submissions, article creation, blog reviews, permanent one way links, and so much more!

What will SEO do for you and how will it benefit your site?

- Search engine optimization will offer lots of benefits to your site. Our motto is to target keywords that work for your business. We utilize several industry and proprietary keyword research tools in order to find the most effective keywords to target for your specific business and industry. Once we have completed our keyword research phase, we move on to the implementation phase, where we tackle many critical areas of your on-site optimization. Typical search engine optimization ranks you for 2-3 keyword phrases per page, whereas ArcherSEM.com is able to rank a page for up to 15 different keywords by utilizing ethical and white hat techniques. There is no question that our optimization efforts and techniques will help you see a positive change in your search engine rankings.

- The most important part of search engine optimization is understanding and analyzing your sites web metrics. This is something that is heavily overlooked within the internet marketing industry, but at ArcherSEM.com we target and prove our marketing efforts through valuable web metrics. By understanding and evaluating where you are, only then can you begin realistically creating a path of goals to reach where you ultimately want to be.

Why should you choose ArcherSEM.com for SEO on your website?

- Our services will increase your natural search engine traffic. They will expose you to a valuable feedback through our conversational marketing. ArcherSEM.com will increase your referring URL traffic as well as your sales as a direct result of our services. With our social media marketing, you will achieve higher brand exposure. ArcherSEM.com offers measurable results such as valuable web metrics, understandable deliverables and results that will support your marketing efforts.

-Currently, the SEO industry is constantly changing its algorithm, guidelines, and rules, which can affect the way your page is landing in a search engine. Our SEO professionals keep up on all the newest industry trends necessary changes to make sure you stay on top.

-We understand all of the differences between using legitimate white hat techniques and spammy black hat techniques that will make sure you are not punished for using unethical business practices to raise your rankings, which could potentially ban you from search engines.

- The services we offer can be very time consuming, which is why it is imperative to hire us, SEO professionals, rather than trying to take it all on yourself. To ensure we never jeopardize the worthiness of your site with the search engines, we will only optimize using white hat SEO techniques. We will take the time to analyze your current site to see what you have going for you and what you could possibly change for your benefit. We will not do anything unethical that would put your website at risk of being hurt and penalized by the search engines.